Personalizing guest stay is one of the great ways of adding value and generating revenue. However, It is an opportunity still under utilized by most. This is sometimes because of technology limitations or because we just don’t realize that we could charge for something.

To be able to capture this revenue it is a combination of having the right tools, offers and strategies.

What are the tools that can help you in executing this?

  1. Booking Engine: In some of the booking engines the option to add dynamic packages comes inbuilt. If you have one of these engines this is an option you should activate. If you don’t have it inbuilt then keep reading as there are solutions that can help you.
  2. Upsell and value add after purchase: One of the best times to sell someone something is when they have just purchased something. Once a reservation is made it is great time to offer value add offers or room upsell options. Nor1  has a solution that can felicitate this for hotels which do not have this option in their Booking Engine.
  3. Email Upsell Program: There are many companies that are addressing this need. Some like GuestFolio have it as a feature in their CRM or if you don’t have this option in your CRM then you can choose to get a standalone tool like GuestDriven which can offer this functionality. The Upsell email is sent out close to arrival date and gives the guest an option to add offers to their stay. When a guest chooses an offer the Hotel is notified of the guests interest so they can make the arrangement for the guests stay.

I haven’t mentioned mobile apps in this. As when you are considering a mobile app for your hotel it has to be based on much wider criteria than just upsells or ancillary revenue and apps are not for everyone. 

What type of offers you should sell?

  1. Early Check In: Every hotel has a specific time set for when a guest can Check In to their room. This time is setup so hotels have enough time to prepare the room for the arrivals that evening. However, you regularly have guests who arrive early. Providing an option to guests to buy an early arrival offer gives the guests an opportunity to customize  their arrival time. As sometimes their flight could be coming in a lot a sooner than the check in time and they may not want to wait. And, pre-arranging an Early Check In gives them piece of mind that there will a room waiting for them when they get to the hotel.
  2. Late Check Out: Some guests need more time in the room and this can be for any reason. Typically this is available on request when the guest is at the Front Desk or Checked In. If offered in advance means they don’t have to worry about it later and get it setup right from the beginning and the Front Desk agent doesn’t have to negotiate with the guest for the late check out fee.
  3. F&B Offers: When you choose to sell value add offers or packages food and beverage offers form a great package with the room. Bed and Breakfast are typically the best selling packages for most hotels. As this makes it easy to start the day for a guest they end up choosing to eat in the hotel. If you want it can also be a credit towards an outlet or can be be utilized for dinner only. There are many options to customize the offer based on the hotel needs.
  4. Parking Offers: If you look at your web analytics or analyze the location of guests coming to stay at your hotel chances there are a lot of guests from surrounding cities. This means lot of the guests are driving to the hotel. Parking can be a great value add offer to this segment of the market. Parking space utilization also goes up during summer months at a hotel as more people are on the road. If you don’t have a package that includes this offer add this to your dynamic package offer and you will be providing an easy way for a guest to pre book their parking spot. If the hotel is not busy then you can also offer discounted offers on Valet Parking to get the guest to choose that over self parking.
  5. Spa: Hotels that have a Spa have a great asset that can be utilized to cater specific type of audiences. Some hotel Spa’s are the main attraction of the property. In some they are one of the many options a guest can visit to get some relaxation or have a group of friends visit it together. Whatever the case maybe for your hotel it is a great value add offer.
  6. Bundles:  You can offer various bundles for guests who are looking to combine various elements to make it suitable for their stay. The bundles can be a combination of your ancillary offer, for example,
    1. Early Check In Late Check out combined.
    2. Breakfast and Parking bundle.
    3. An offer with Breakfast, Early CheckIn/Late Check Out, Parking bundled together.The combinations can be limitless. When you are pricing these bundles make sure to price so it becomes a better value for the guest than purchasing these items individually.
  7. Amenities: This is a great way of enhancing an experience. This can be a bottle of wine, chocolate dipped strawberries, or something else. Amenities like these make the guest stay really welcoming to them. And, helps them personalize their stay as they may not have had the chance to add anything to their stay and they want an easy convenient way to just add something extra while they are at your hotel.

This was a welcome amenity by Inn at Laurel Point for me when I recently stayed with them. 🙂

Amazing to be welcomed like this 😃#laurelpoint #hotelmarketing #Offerly

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Adding ancillary revenue to your revenue strategy is a great way of adding value to the guest and increasing revenue not only for rooms but also other hotel assets.

And, if one of the offers is not successful for you then adjust the offer and try again.

Are you currently offering any of these options to your guests?


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