Hotel flash sales became quite popular a few years ago when websites like Groupon took advantage of promoting one deal to a big audience. However, that not is something would work in the hotel space. Doing a sale every day trains the audience to wait for the deal and only buy if there is a deal. 

If you were to use it more strategically this can be a great tool to drive incremental bookings over need periods. 

Here are a couple of things you should consider when launching such offer.

  1. Limited time offer: The offer when launched should only be available for a limited amount of time. Keeping the offer open for a long period of time reduces the effectiveness of the offer as people who might be interested in buying will think they can come back later to make the booking. And, it also gives an opportunity for down selling when someone would have booked it at a higher price.
  2. Audience selection: You have the choice to either only open the offer selectively so it is not overexposed and you get too many bookings are at a lower rate. One way of doing this to only open the offer to only first-time visitors to your website.Direct Booking First Time VisitorsIf you choose to keep it open to everyone. The bigger the audience the chances for generating revenue is higher.
  3. Type of offer: There are many choices when it comes to what you can promote through a Flash Sale. These two would be the top choices to get started.
    • Value add offer: In a value add offer you don’t provide a rate discount but add something that increases the value of the rate. This could be a breakfast or F&B credit or a welcome drink.
    • Percentage Off: This is a discount of the Best Available Rate. The discount percentage should be high enough to get them buy immediately. It depends on how many room nights you are trying to generate based on that you can promote an aggressive offer or choose to be more restrained.

Flash sales can be a great tool to grow direct bookings when used strategically. What has been your experience with it?

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