Ashore Hotel

Experienced a click through rate of 25% to drive local direct bookings using Offerly.

The Results

The Ashore Hotel is a 22-room boutique created to let guests explore the eccentricities and unexpected gifts of Seaside Oregon.

Offerly was successful at promoting many geo-centric offers but also gave the Ashore marketing team the ability to promote “Flash Offers” to offsite low occupancy periods.

Direct Bookings Increased Occupancy Within 3 Weeks

Timeframe ADR Revenue Increase
1 Month $117.39 (Usually $84.20 during same period) Washington Special $2113.00
1 Month $114.77 (Usually $84.20 during same period) Oregon Special $1836.25

  • “The real beauty of the tool is how the message is customized based on the behavior of the visitor.  And we don’t have to bug our web developers to try to put something together, instead we can do it ourselves in a minute or two”

    Tiffany Turner Co-Owner and Operator Adrift Hotel