Diversity in offers is necessary to appeal to different market segments. And, it provides hotels with another way to provide value without just discounting a room rate. The value add offers also allow the hotel guests to discover other components of the hotel. Sometimes guest don’t discover all the hotel has to offer and packaging it well allows the guest to experience other services than just the rooms.

What are value-add offers?

Value add offers are also called packages. These packages include a room and another component. This can be anything that can be combined with the room and bundled. For example, breakfast, to make it a bed and breakfast offer.

How can they help the hotel?

Not everyone is the same and different offers appeal to different people as their needs are not the same. This gives the hotel an option to provide variety and deliver an offer that appeals to a diverse group of guests.

How does it help the guest?

Guests have the option to choose what is best suited for their stay and allows them to customize what their stay based on their needs.

When designing a package or a value add always pass on some saving where getting the two or three items together as a package or bundle is cheaper than when they are bought independently.

What kind of Offers you can promote?

  • Bed and Breakfast: The best selling package in most location is the bed and breakfast package. This is an offer that should always be available to book. As a guest who is looking to start their day whether to explore the city or have business meetings getting breakfast at the hotel is the easiest option. Hence, this offer typically outsell all the other offers you have.
  • Romance Package: This is a package that sells well for special occasion like Valentine’s day. However, it also does well for special occasions.
  • Business Package: This is dependent on the hotel inclusions. This could be packaged to appeal to the needs of a business traveller. This could be faster WIFI, Long Distance Calls, Breakfast and more.
  • Spa Package: Spa experiences can be very elaborate depending on the experience delivered by the hotel. This package is appeals to couples or it appeals to guests looking to getaway and relax with a group of their friends.
  • Special Occasions: This can be an occasion that happens every year for example mothers day and fathers day. These two days are more directed towards Food & Beverage Offers. It is not a very successful offer for rooms but for brunches in the restaurant it does really well. However, these occasions are great to tap into the natural demand in the market for guests looking to do something this day.
  • Shopping Package: The time of the year plays a part and the location of the hotel matters for this offer to work. If the hotel is close to shopping district then you can have this offer open year around but the most uptake you will see around Christmas time. It is the season when a lot of shopping happens. And, it is the ideal time to have a package available to cater to this audience.

As not all market segments respond to the same offer it is important to diversify. However, if an offer does not work feel free to change it up and see which offer you get the best response to.

What other types of offers would you add to this list?

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