We just released another round of enhancements to Offerly. The continuous feedback allows us to craft a really powerful solution for hotels.

Here is what we have been working on in the past few weeks.

  • New position: When we first launched we only had one centre position to show offers. We added a bottom position as an option. This is how it looks on the website. And, it still has the dark theme colour as an option.

Bottom Position Display

A website visitor has an option to “hide” the offer by clicking Hide Offer if they don’t want to engage with the offer. Don’t worry the offer doesn’t go away forever.

If you want to choose this display option, just choose Bottom as your Start Position.

Bottom Position

If an offer is minimized, the offer sits at the bottom right of the screen on a desktop. This is so if the visitors wants to re-engage with the offer they can just click Show Offer.

Show Offer- Offerly

And, this is how it is minimized on a Mobile device, at the bottom of the screen, keeping the user experience in mind. And, still easily accessible if a visitor wants to re-engage with an offer.

Mobile Minimized Offer


  • Mobile Device Targeting: Now you can target mobile device users with a different offer than the desktop users.


Mobile device only offer


Just add the Mobile device targeting rule to a campaign and the Offerly engine will automatically select the qualifying audience to target.

Mobile Targeting Rule


  • Time: Choose the time of the day when the offer will be available.


How to use this?

If you want to sell rooms during a certain time of the day. Example, after 6PM till Midnight. You can use this method to launch last minute offers to sell any excess inventory. Want to get granular? Just target the people using a Mobile device from 6PM till Midnight.

What do you think about the recent additions? And, any suggestions? Tell us in the comments section.

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